Q: Am I ready for wakeboarding lessons?

A: Yes.. The best possible time to get a Wakeboarding Lesson
is at the VERY beginning. It avoids learning bad habits and having to break them later. But anytime is going to help advance your riding whether you are wanting to get up, jump the wake or do your first invert!


Q: How far from Adelaide is South Side Wakeboard School?

A: South Side Wakeboarding School is located just past White Sands Caravan Park on the outskirts of Murray Bridge.. From Adelaide it is only approximately a 45 minute drive. See the Directions page for more info.

Q: Can I bring a friend along who isn't riding?

A: Yes, no problem. You are welcome to bring a friend or family members along for the ride. This will also help teach you as they can identify problems in your riding and help correct them when out riding later.


Q: The lesson is for 1 hour!? I don't think I can ride that long.

A: The lessons are broken down in to 2 x 30 minute sets.. You ride your first set then get a break between that and your second set.


Q: I'm not sure if I can even ride for 30 minutes!

A: We want you to learn as much as possible while you are with us, it isn't like when you go for a regular wakeboard and ride continuously. We will be suggesting new things to try while you are out there.. So it may mean you will fall off a lot more than usual BUT this also means you will be learning new skills!